Privacy Policy


Basic Policy Concerning the Protection of Personal Information

Since the advent of the information age, the protection of personal information has become an extremely important issue.
At our hospital, we take pertinent measures to see that all personal information is kept in safe hands.
The regulations and policies listed below are well understood and strictly observed by all executives, office workers, and staff at our hospital.

1. Accumulating, utilizing, and furnishing personal information:

During any diagnosis we obtain only pertinent personal information taking into account that we are obliged to protect this information, and provide it only to the parties directly involved in the intervention. This policy is regularly observed at our hospital.

2. Safety measures and education pertaining to personal information:

Given the gravity of importance we place on protecting personal information, we require that each staff member attend an information training program. The program covers issues such as illegal access to personal information, destruction, falsification, and loss of information. We have implemented this program for the sole intent of preventing problems, however should a case arise in which a problem does occur we shall take counter-measures to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

3. Concerning the standard laws that surround personal information:

We observe and maintain all Japanese national standard laws and ordinances that pertain to personal information.

4. Better Protection:

At our hospital, by adhering to the above policies, we carry out a system that maintains and preserves each patient's personal information. By following official regulations, using proper judgment and conducting regular inspections of our system we continually improve our protection program.

      October 1, 2005
        Medical Corporation Sato Clinic
        Head-Doctor Shigeru Sato

If you have additional questions or concerns about personal information and our hospital please make inquiries at the reception window.